Resources/Nepalese Policy Highlights


  • To enhance the contributions of trade sector to national economy by promoting internal and international trade with the increased participation of private sector through the creation of an open and liberal atmosphere.
  • To diversify trade by identifying, developing and producing new exportable products through the promotion of backward linkages for making export trade competitive and sustainable.
Foreign Investment Policy, 1992


  • To build a strong and dynamic economy by generating additional opportunities for income and employment through expanding productive activities.
  • To increase the participation of the private sector in the process of industrialization.
  • To increase productivity by mobilizing internal resources and materials in productive sectors and by importing foreign capital, modern technology, management a...



  • To develop tourism as an important sector of the national economy by developing linkages between tourism and other sectors.
  • To diversify tourism down to rural areas so as to improve employment opportunities, foreign currency earnings, growth of national income and regional imbalances.
  • To improve natural, cultural and human environments of the nation in order to develop and expand...

IT Policy, 2000


  • To make information technology accessible to the general public and increase employment through this means,
  • To build a knowledge-based society, and
  • To establish knowledge-based industries.
Information Technology Policy, 2057 (2000)
1. Vision
"To place Nepal on the...