Organization/Cooperation Partners

GERMAN EMBASSY AND NGCCI: Since the establishment of Nepal-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NGCCI). His Excellency Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Nepal is the Honorary President of NGCCI. With the cooperation from German Embassy, NGCCI has been carrying various business activities in Nepal and Germany. CMT Trade Fair in Germany, German Catalogue Show, and GTZ support programs in Kathmandu are some of the activities which NGCCI has been involved in with the kind assistance from the Embassy. Various programs to support different organizations and institutions; Nepalese and German businesspersons from different fields; entrepreneurs and private sectors and fund-raising activities for the Chamber have been made possible by constant encouragement from the Embassy.

NGCCI has been working closely with the VISA/Consular Section of German Embassy since 1993. NGCCI issues recommendation letters for German business visa to Nepalese Businesspersons who wish to visit Germany on business purposes.

German Embassy has been providing office equipment & financial support to NGCCI in order to increase the business relations between Nepal and Germany.

German Embassy is also one of the prime sources of business information for NGCCI. From the beginning of establishment of the NGCCI secretariat, it has maintained the Information and Documentation Unit at the secretariat office. To make it more effective and efficient, economic section has been supporting NGCCI by providing various journals, magazines and even the policy information related to export-import. By this, the business inquiries made by visitors at Embassy are recommended to visit the NGCCI secretariat office. NGCCI is also working towards maintaining its information database and updating its existing web page to provide current and relevant information as and when required.


NGCCI has also been closely working under the Chamber Support Program of GTZ (German Agency for Technical Co-operation) PSPP (Private Sector Promotion Project) and SEQUA (Foundation for Economic Development & Vocational Training) which is also under GTZ.

The main objective of GTZ-PSPP/SEQUA program is to enhance the competitiveness of Nepalese private sector. This project has, basically, three major components:

  • Strengthening business membership organizations (Chambers and Associations).
  • Management and Skill development.
  • Trade promotion.
As one of the partners of GTZ-PSPP/SEQUA in Nepal, NGCCI has received special assistance from the project in the following areas:

  • Conducting Seminars/Workshops for the members of the Chamber to enhance their business activities (e.g. “Perils & Pleasure of Family Business” and “Creativity in
  • Vision building and training programs for the secretariat staff (e.g. Workshops on “Organizational Development”, “Business Match Making”, “Enhancing Professionalism of Chamber Secretariat” and “Planning & Organizing Exhibitions Successfully”)
  • Publication of brochures, member directories and other relevant documents (e.g. “Doing Business in Nepal” in German language and “NGCCI Members’ Directory
  • Tips for the Nepalese Businessmen traveling to Germany.
  • Organization of Trade Fairs (e.g. “German Products and Catalogue Show” in conjunction with “Himalayan Expo 2000”)
  • Participation in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (e.g. CMT 2000, Caravan, Motor, Tourism, in Stuttgart)
  • Training of Board Members and Secretariat Staff in Institutional and Exhibition Management.
    Workshop on “Nepalese Tea Export to Germany”, and hopes to get fruitful assistance from them in years to come.

With the cooperation from German Development Service (DED), NGCCI has been carrying various business activities in Nepal. Ms. Iris Kobek was assigned as Business Economist/Advisor at the Chamber from April 2002 until March 2005.

The goals of the cooperation are:

  • Enhancing the performance of the Chamber towards a more professional and effective way through advice on organizational and management level.
  • Implying vital links to business through a comprehensive information and documentation base for Nepali entrepreneurs in Germany vice versa for German business people in Nepal.
  • Improving the public relations and image of the Chamber among German business circles and also within the Nepali business community.

Besides, DED has also supported the Chamber in providing various equipments such as UPS-system, Computer, Furniture, Photocopy Machine, EPABX, Journals, and Salary support.